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Web Application Development

13 Jun, 2021

Web App Development is the procedure of creating a web application. It is more about interacting with the browser than the standard engineering procedures.

Maximum cases of web app development engage defining the issue, involving users, mocking up the solutions, choosing a framework or tool, and ultimately developing and testing the web app – in maximum cases, repetitively with users.

What is Web Application Development?

Web Application Development is the process of using client-side and server-side programming to develop an application accessible over a web browser. Developers begin with ideating a web application based on finding a solution to a specific problem and move on to design the app, choose the right framework to develop the web app, test it and finally deploy it.

Web Applications vs. Mobile Applications

As you have already read the definition of a web app, you can assume that mobile apps and web apps are quite similar kinds of software. Nevertheless, these two are slightly different as well.

Mobile apps are exclusively made for mobile gadgets and suitable for a specific platform like Android, iOS, and Cross-platform. Web apps cannot be used without the internet.

You can download a mobile app from an app store that acquires space on your device whereas the web apps function in real-time in a web browser with the CPU resources.

Web Applications vs. Websites

The basic difference is our ways of interacting with one another. Web apps are described by their input – we develop, read, upgrade, and erase data inside a web app.

On the other hand, websites are described by their output – we read the marketing data, news, and FAQs on websites.

Types of Web Applications

All web applications are classified into 3 main categories, based on the use of tools and technologies:

1.   Client-Side Web Apps: You can create these web apps in frontend JS and JavaScript frameworks. As they comprise just a client part, it's impossible to communicate with the database.

2.   Server-Side Web Apps: These web apps run on remote PCs, which you can discover anywhere. You can code them in several programming languages like C#, Ruby, Python, PHP, and others, as per your expertise.

3.   Single Page Apps: These apps are created utilizing both frontend and backend technology. Hence these are more complicated software, which offers client-side and server-side and works with no page reload in the browser.

Benefits of Web Application Development

Developers get many scopes if they master web app development. These days, all businesses require an affordable and worthwhile solution for an app that helps them reach out to users over any desktop or mobile device and all platforms.


Anybody with an internet connection, and sometimes even without it, can use a web app to utilize the full services of any business and profitably engage with the business.

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