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Website Maintenance

11 Jun, 2021

Building a website is hard work – not just for us, but for clients too! You collaborate with your web developer to plan, design, develop, test, add content and test some more. After a lot of time and effort, your beautiful, brand-spanking-new website is finally live!

And then you're done – right?


A website is like a car. If you don't fill it with petrol, take it to the mechanic and give it a regular spit and polish, it won't run like a dream, and it won't stay clean and fresh.

Content should be fresh and relevant

Out-dated content says "I don't care". And if you don't care about your website, then why should a potential customer?

If you have a blog or news article feed and your last update was in 2011, then you need to get onto that quick smart. It's better not to have a news section than one that is never used.

Keeping the content on your site up to date is important!

Vidya corporation is always up to date and gives more preference to the customer requirement.

It's good for Google

Google likes it when you put new content on your website. It will rank your site more highly in searches because you are keeping your content updated and this makes you more relevant to Google's users.

It shows your customers that you are real

Regular blogs, product updates, and other news show your customers that, your organization is active and innovative in its market and things are happening.

It encourages return visitors by engaging with them

If you are posting new and interesting content, it adds value for users, and they are more likely to check back in regularly to see what you have to say.

CMS Software Continuously Improves

Like the car analogy, your website also has an "under the hood". It's the content management system you use to run your site, and this needs regular updates too.

Not upgrading your website leaves you (and potentially your clients) vulnerable to hacking. You'll also miss out on the awesomeness of updates which can offer added value in terms of new functionality features. These make it easier to manage the content on your website, which in turn, makes it easier to maintain.


Vidya corporation regularly checks your website for issues and mistakes and keeping it updated and relevant. we keep your website strong, encourage continued traffic growth, and strengthen your SEO and Google rankings.

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