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Best Guide to Personalizing eCommerce

28 May, 2021

eCommerce Personalization?

eCommerce personalization refers to the process by which you personalize the content and offers on your eCommerce site for each visitor.

An example most people have experienced is Amazon. If you log into your Amazon account, you can quickly see items you've recently viewed and purchased, Amazon goes so far as to build some of this into its search to ensure the items that show up when you enter keywords are as relevant as possible to your needs.

eCommerce Personalization Benefits

It helps customers feel like you're really in tune with their needs, which can increase the likelihood they'll make a purchase. And with so many sites committed to personalization, it's not an option anymore. More than 70% of consumers say they feel frustrated when a site is too impersonal, so it's important to make some effort here.

Here are some other benefits of eCommerce:

·   Boosts conversion rates and sales: Close to 50% of consumers say they'll click away and check Amazon if the site they're on doesn't provide appropriate recommendations, so getting personalization right helps you keep the customer. Plus, around 80% of consumers won't shop with a company at all if there's no personalization present.

·   Increases chances of repeat business: More than 90% of consumers say they're likely to shop again with a brand that offers personalization.

·   Drives more engagement: More than 70% of shoppers in America say they will only engage with marketing and other messaging that's personalized at this point.

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