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MEAN Stack Development

02 Jun, 2021

MEAN stack support programs that are written in JavaScript, MEAN applications can be written in one language for both server-side and client-side execution environments.

What is MEAN?

MEAN which is an abbreviation of MongoDB, Express.js, Angular.js, and Node.js is a collection of user-friendly full-stack JavaScript frameworks. These frameworks are suitable for building dynamic applications and websites.

It's an open-source stack for developers for the swift and organized method that builds prototypes of MEAN-based web applications.

Benefits Of MEAN Stack

1.   Since both client- and server-side systems utilize the same coding language, it's easy to switch between the two. You do not require a 3rd party server and can easily open your application directly on Node.js.

2.   MEAN stack offers the flexibility of performing activities that are not just limited to web application development. Here, you can host your application on a cloud for testing. Also, since its database system (Mongo DB) is cloud-based, as you put your device on the cloud, it would automatically start sharing and clustering support across systems.

3.   The stack is backed up by a huge online community. Thus, if you search for any issue on Google, you'll be able to find infinite comprehensive solutions.

4.   MVC architecture requires to divide an application into 3 different but interrelated components, namely, Model, View, and Controller. This helps developers in separating the internal representation of information and how the final user will see it.

MVC compatibility provides MEAN stack with a high level of productivity.


What is the contribution of each component to MEAN?


The role of MongoDB in the MEAN stack is to store the application's data. Since, both the database and the application use JavaScript, it eliminates the need for translation when the object goes from the application to the database and vice-versa.

MongoDB also facilitates you to add fields to the database without reloading the entire table.


Express.js forms the backend of the MEAN stack. It manages the interactions between the database and the front end. It ensures that the data is transferred smoothly to the end-user.

Express.js also prevents you from overwriting variables.


In the MEAN stack, Node.js acts as a backbone. Express.js is developed specifically to work on top of Node.js.Node.js has an inbuilt web server, which makes it easier for you to deploy the MongoDB database to the cloud.


MEAN stack web applications are supported by automated testing. Thus, in case there's some feature break-down, it instantly notifies the developer.

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