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Search Engine Optimization

17 May, 2023

SEO is the process of ranking your site on the top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) to increase its digital footprint. The higher the website ranks, the more likely it is to attract larger traffic and better ROI. In this article, we will list some of the emerging SEO Tools and how to use them for ranking higher.

Top 5 Emerging SEO Tools and How to Use Them for Ranking Higher:


It is the second-largest growing platform after Google and is one of the most popular tools in SEO. It offers many features. AHREFS addresses targeted growth i.e., the part of the website which needs to be addressed is shown by the AHREFS ad that makes the tool more users friendly.


AHREF uses top page reports to identify pages that are ranking well due to certain keywords. If the page is not displayed on the top then it is audited for it to work for the phrase for which it is performing well.


Being the core feature of AHREFS, it is recommended to keep a check on your contemporary sites for backlinks. It further helps in prioritizing your list of how to proceed.


AHREFS also helps you find the broken pages of your competitors and see who was linking to them. If you happen to have similar content then you can report to them the link they are using is broken and offer them the link you have. To find a competitor’s broken page, type the URL in site explorer and click “best by links” and filter by “404 not found”.

2. Google Search Console

Earlier known as the Google webmaster, the Google search console helps you to measure the traffic on the site you’ve built and track and measure these operational metrics. There are five different areas of search performance that the Console enables you to quickly see and dive deeper into. These 5 areas are:




D.Search Appearance


3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

NLP-based SEO tools could be of great help for businesses to track their growth online. There are various tools in NLP to help businesses to grow by finding queries and keywords. The tools can be used for:


1) Entity Recognition (provides information about the entities in the text)

2) Content Classification

3) Sentiment Analysis (determines the overall tone of the text)

4. Natural Language Generation (NLG)

The concept of NLG comprises Artificial Intelligence that generates texts just like a human writer. SEO has picked this up for strategic planning.

How To Use NLG

NLG is based on three algorithms i.e.

  • Scripts
  • Machine language
  • Natural Language Processing

Scripts help you to write templates on how to process the given spreadsheet. Machine learning helps you to output the text from short prompts like writing the headlines of the text which on the one hand gives variance to your text but on the other hand, you lose control over the narrative of the text.


TF*IDF stands for “Term Frequency Times Inverse Document Frequency”. This measures how you use a term on a particular page and how it compares to a collection of pages for that specific keyword. It is actually a measure of how important a keyword or phrase is.


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