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Why Web Design Still Matters

26 May, 2023


Websites, as the foundation of a centralized, privately run digital experience, are more important than ever. Websites, unlike competing technologies, allow almost total control over their source code, allowing skilled designers and developers to compete against the biggest names in their clients' industries in ways that are simply not possible in tightly governed systems like social media.

Websites vs. Social Media

Social media is the channel of choice for many businesses when it comes to connecting with customers. Specifically, platforms such as Facebook and Instagram. While billions of us enjoy wasting our free time on social media, it is not an ideal platform for making informed decisions or completing tasks. Websites are superior for any type of productivity:

  1. Flexibility: Websites can be tailored to a company's vision and values, whereas social media tends to highlight accounts that reflect the company's own values.
  2. Ownership: When you publish on your website, you own the content; when you post on social media, the platform usually owns the content.
  3. Investment:As we recently saw with a certain bird-themed social network, you can invest years in your social media channel only to have it canceled by an individual with his own agenda.

Websites vs. Apps

A connected app feels like ownership when it comes to owning a piece of the internet. Websites, on the other hand, have a number of advantages over apps, ranging from a better user experience to lower development costs. Finally, third parties have control over apps.

  1. Accessibility: Websites are available to everyone, whereas apps are typically restricted to specific operating systems or platforms. If you want to distribute to devices, you must first get permission from the store owner, who has the authority (and will) to change the terms and conditions of store distribution without consulting you.
  2. Flexibility: Websites offer greater flexibility and scalability than apps.
  3. Cost-effective:A simple website can be created and launched in a weekend, and it is far less expensive to develop and maintain than apps.

Websites in 2023 and Beyond

Websites will still be an important part of any successful business strategy in 2023, and web designers will be essential members of any team. Websites continue to outperform other technologies in terms of flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and superior search engine opportunities. Unlike social media platforms, which only allow you to customize a few assets such as avatars and colors, websites can be completely customized to fit a brand's tone and style.


Websites will continue to evolve as the technological landscape changes. Vidya Corporation Offers the Finest Web Design Services Please contact us if you have any further questions.

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